Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Do you ever feel stuck? I don't know how or why, but today I am feeling just stuck.

Maybe it's the weather. Today it is minus 25, and with the wind it is supposed to feel like minus 35. I wouldn't know...I haven't been outside yet. And I don't think I am going to either. The girls are off to school and Curtis and I are home. Stuck. Too cold out today to go for a walk. That means no mail. No bubble gum run at the insurance place uptown. No coffee with a friend today. Maybe that's why I feel stuck.

Maybe it is my scrapping. I haven't created anything in a couple of weeks. Last time I went scrapping was with Corinne a couple of weeks ago, and I had a rockin night. 3 layouts that night. WHat have I done since? Nothing. Nada. My scrap room is a semi-disaster. I need to organize before I can do anything, but I am totally not motivated at all. Maybe I am creatively stuck.

I can think of a whole lot of reasons why I am feeling stuck today...but do I really need to vent them all on my blog? Not particularly! I think it will just suffice to say that I need a goal. I need to motivate myself to get my arse moving and do something.

Today is New Years...I am going to make some resolutions. I am going to go put on some music, go downstairs to fold that load of laundry that has been driving me crazy, and I am going to create something beautiful today.

Boy, that sounds ambitious. I'm going to need some chocolate.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Holy Smokes!

September 26...OK, I am officially embarrased that I haven't blogged for three months. Wanna know why? I'm easily distracted. I always intend to blog...but then something shiny, or pretty, or interesting captures my attention and away I go -- off to another land.

AnyHOO! What's new with me?? Not much. OK, a little.

I'm still designing at Just Cre8...and I love it love it love it! It's a happy happy day when my kit comes in. I get to experiment and play with free stuff. Who wouldn't love that?!? The December kit was revealed last week and it is full of wonderful, colorful, fuzzy stuff. Absolutely fabulous, dahling, absolutely fabulous. You can check it out here!

We have a new addition in our family. Meet Jack:Jack is seven weeks old. And we brought him home yesterday. He is a sweet little playful thing...but we have to watch where we step because he is always dancing around our feet. Why "Jack", you ask?? Well, that's what happens when you let kids name a pet. We brought him home in a box. So he is Jack. LOL Spookers, our 8 year old furball, is still getting used to his new "little brother". I am hoping it is not too long before they make friends.

Scrapbook-wise, I am excited for something new coming up! I am trying to start up a community scrapbooking group here. There are lots of people who scrapbook out here, but they don't know each other. They do know me, however! So we are having an informal get together in about two weeks. Not for money, or promotion, or anything like that. Just for fellowship and fun. And scrapbooking too, of course!

SO I am scrapping, and being mommy, and being wifey, and I am loving it. Most days, anyway. ;) That's what life is all about in small town Saskie.

Now off I go to go rescue my broom from mischievious Jack. See ya!