Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just Tidbitz

What a lovely day outside -- yeah -- for WINTER, maybe! Brrrrrr! Everyone is talking about how they want spring to come, and I am one of them. We're supposed to be working in our gardens, enjoying barbeques, and playing at the park. Instead, I'm holed up in my house watching the wind and -- gasp! -- a handful of snowflakes outside. We've cancelled soccer practise and our lake trip because it is miserable outside. That's what I get for living in Saskatchewan, I guess!

The bright side though? No hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, or tornadoes. I'll take that any day -- at least I have seat warmers in my car. :)

We have had a few soccer games, though. Here's a few pics from Curtis' on Monday:

Love this action shot...I think he was trying to stop and run the other way:

And, of course, there goes "the tongue" again:

And here's a couple from Renee's game on Tuesday. I'm so proud of her this year -- she's one level up and really working harder on the field than I have ever seen her work before:

And having fun, too!

We had a garage sale this weekend...the kids made a whole, whopping $62 selling old toys. But it made for a good trip to McNally Robinson, anyway! Curtis used some of his money to buy a hockey net -- full regulation sized, with the goalie-shootout thingy that bungies on to practise. (Sorry -- that's as technical as I get!) He couldn't wait to try it, so he and Grandpa had a few good sessions of driveway hockey after the sale was finished:

Love, love, love the look on his face when he's taking a slap shot!
And here are a few pics I took this weekend that I really like. This one of Renee needs some photoshopping, but I have to fool around with it some more:
And here's a great shot of our almost 10 year old Spookers. He's a very cool kitty:

Other than that, we've had a few things going on this week. We're looking for our Mickey -- our "baby" fat cat. He went out on Monday and hasn't come home since. Sigh. I miss him and not sure that he's coming home. :(
I'm scrapbooking today -- the Just Cre8 reveal is tomorrow! This kit was perfect -- I loooooove it so much that I wonder if I should order another! Stay tuned for some layouts -- I'll post them tomorrow.
And, speaking of Just Cre8, we're having a HUUUGE online crop May 22-24! Lots of challenges, tutorials, free classes, and prizes. I can hardly wait! So check it out in the forum.


Jen Martakis said...

Your action photos are awesome!! Hope it warms up for you soon and you find your kitty.

Deanna Kroll said...

These photos are awesome. I am still working on action photos and seem to really stink at them....thanks for sharing yours with us!

Pamela said...

Great pictures!