Thursday, April 21, 2011

Returning to the Blogwagon...

So I guess my last post wasn't exactly accurate.  I should have probably just waited until I was feeling 100%, or at least close to it, before I committed to returning to my blog.  I miss blogging scrappy things, though.  I miss all things scrappy, actually -- not just the blogging part.  I have scrapped very little since November 2009 when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer.

So when all of my treatments finished, I kind of expected just to pop right out of the un-creative black hole that I found myself in.  It doesn't exactly work that way, apparently, because it's been a real struggle to create anything in the last few months.  When I have the time, I don't have the energy.  And when I have the energy, there are so many practical things to do instead.  But lately, I've been finding myself more and more often in my scraproom -- looking through my poor, neglected stash and reassuring myself that someday, hopefully soon, I'll find my mojo.

Part of my new motivation came from last weekend -- Camp Croppin' in Calgary.  It was so very refreshing to be surrounded by so much creativity and inspiration the whole weekend!  My travel companions, including the new friends we met up with in Calgary, were truly a breath of fresh air and we had so much fun together.  It was one of the best trips, ever.

And I brought lots of mojo home with me, thanks to the awesome atmosphere at Camp Croppin'.  Enough mojo, anyway, to distract me from making the perogies and cupcakes for Easter Weekend that really should be cooking right now.

But I had to seize the mojo moment while it was here!  Sometimes you just have to make time for things that are important, despite the fact that you have more practical things waiting.  I'm hoping that, as I make time for creativity in my life, my enthusiasm and desire to get scrappy will return in a big way.

So here's a couple of peeks at what I've been doing and enjoying the last little while.  "Mud Junkie" is a layout I finished a while ago, but because I haven't put it in an album yet, it's making an appearance here on the blog.  It's simple and playful -- I enjoyed creating it because these were the first photos after Renee discovered that she loved to get dirty on the quadding trails at the lake.

It's not a complicated, intricate layout -- but it's so fun and colourful.  :)

I also scrapped a layout of my friend, C, who got married a number of years ago.  She is an awesome friend of mine and her wedding was one of the most exciting days ever. 

Here's a close up of the detail I put into the tag and the embellishments.  Sometimes I find it difficult to find the exact flowers I want to layer on a project.  I knew I had these lovely flower centers and they would be perfect for a little touch of bling on this layout.  And the mirror was a must too.  She hasn't seen this layout I hope she likes it!

What else have I been up to?  Just enjoying being a mom.  Everyone knows what a crazy hockey mom I have become...and that's awesome.  I love it.  But I am a bowling mom too, and I was so proud of my girl Renee, this past week when she brought home two trophies from her bowling awards wind-up on Monday night.  Everyone on her team (and in the Bantam level) recieved a trophy with their high game, but Renee also brought home "Most Improved Female Bantam" in the league!  She was so proud, and it just convinced her to believe what we'd been encouraging her to do all year -- focus, relax, try her best, and the skill would follow.  She improved her average by 29 points from the beginning of the year.  That is a great accomplishment!

Speaking of accomplishments...there is something that I really want to focus on this next week -- getting my scrap room in shape.  It is messsssssssy!  Unfortunately, I tend to use this area as a place to just put whatever needs to be dealt with sometime soon.  In our house, we call it "Plopping."  Sounds loverly, doesn't it?  LOL  I'm always lecturing my kids about not plopping their backpacks, shoes, sports equipment, books, etc in places where it doesn't belong.  Well, guess what, kiddos?  Mom needs a lecture too.  So this week, my scrappy goal is to reorganize my scrap desk and shelf and make this a "No Plop Zone."  I might even make a sign.  Just to prove I can do it (and to keep me accountable!) I'm going to post before and afters for you.  If I don't post the after photos by the end of Easter Break, you have my permission to come over and kick my butt.  Seriously.  Please do.  I'll make you coffee even.

So, I'd better get moving.  Perogies.  Cupcakes.  Easter Dinner.  Scrappy cleaning.  I have a lot on my plate, I guess.  But I am grateful because, after all, I still have a plate to put it on.

Have a Joyful and Blessed Easter!  Mwah!



Lori Mancini said...

yeah....I'm glad your back to blogging... I certainly miss you and your scrappy creations!!!

Linda Shewchuk said...

It is already a beautiful place by you sharing your creativity!! Thank you for being you, and I can't wait to see how this friendship grows over the years to come!!

Congrats to the bowlerama gal, That is something I should take up, I suck at Hockey.. and my Family Day trial on skates again left me with whiplash... so would your dd take me glow bowling with my dd's?!

Plop stop... yeesh I do need to take a pic of my area.. it is my week to get it organized and so I can get creating again too - I miss it and so need to unplop before I am pooped out!

Andrea said...

Oh how I've missed your blog! Your beautiful LO's and your wise words of wisdom!!! Love you girl!

coRinne not connie said...

Yippppeee!! i loved your post. plop indeed. how's about we trade spaces and - never mind. mine's in much worse shape. i'm surrounded by piles of plop... hmmm... that's not soooo good. must do something about that... nah... i'll just mess it up again. lol.
lurve ya - you rawk chickie!

Sue Sykes said...

So glad to have you back!! And can't wait to see you in June/July!!! Yay!!!!!

Emily_whitetiger_123 said...

I am so glad to read your post and hear that your creative energy has returned!

My two bits ... I think being creative is way more important than making those sweet treats.

Go Girl! Bask in the colours of your soul!