Monday, April 9, 2007


I've been meaning to get back into blogging for a while now. Things seem to have changed so much for me in the last year or so, but the constants in my life still remain the same. Somehow, though, my life seems so different than it was just a few short months ago. I think my perspective on a lot of things has come 180 degrees.

So what is new with me?

I've lost 30 pounds. I feel like a whole new ME!! I did it on purpose, if you are wondering, with good food choices and exercise. Not a lot, just a little. And slowly I am getting into the shape I never was but have always wanted to be. What a huge difference this has made in my life!

I try to scrap every day. It is my therapy and my creative outlet. I don't understand why I ever let it slide for weeks at a time. I've also made some attempts to come into the scrapbooking industry in a professional way. I teach at an LSS. I applied for an online Design Team. I submit to magazines regularly. It is time for me to take some risks and put myself out there...which is scary, but it is good.

My kids are growing up. I guess this is inevitable! Renee is seven and Curtis is four. My baby is going into Kindergarten this fall. Renee is getting more and more independent every day. I feel like I am preparing myself for a new stage of parenthood. The "SAHM with no kids at home" stage. There are so many things to look forward to and so many things to fear.

I am thirty. There, I said it. My 30th birthday was hard in many ways, and so much fun in others. I've finally realized, I think, that I am an adult getting older. And that I ought to seek out opportunities and goals while I can. Because life is short. I'll say that again. Life. Is. Short. It can yank you back by the shirt collar when you least expect it. Even at thirty. So, whatever I have always wanted to do, I need to do it now. Now. While I am still able to. And that is how I want to live my life from now on.

What is not new with me?

I am loved. By my husband and my children. By my parents, my family, my friends. By God. I have support and encouragement. I have shoulders to cry on and people who will help me up when I fall. I am blessed. And I am thankful for those blessings.

I am important. Every day I am here, I will touch someone's life. It's up to me whether it will be in a positive way or a negative way. Even though I often don't realize it, I am making an impact on this world in one way or another. This may not be new, but I think remembering this every day will make a huge difference in my life.

I am Me. I am me. I will always be me. And I do not need to measure up to the person next to me at dinnertable, at the supermarket, or at the Friday Night Scrapbooking crop. I am unique and irreplaceable. And I do have something special to offer in my lifetime, even though I am not quite sure what that is right now. All I can do is be the best Me I can be. This is the hard part!

Now, I am inspired and full of fresh thoughts. I am going to go clean my scraproom!

Happy Scrapping,

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Laura said...

You inspire me, girl. I love reading your thoughts, because we are on the same page. We really think alike. That can be scary, I think. You don't have to publish this one because I just wanted to let you know how much I truly, truly appreciated you as a friend. You never fail to ask me how I am doing and let me tell you that many people ask that question, but there are few people who genuinely care and listen with their heart. YOU do. For that I am thankful. You are an awesome, talented scrapper and I am proud to say that I am your friend! Take care and hopefully we'll see you Friday night!!!!!