Monday, May 7, 2007

Big steps!

A lot of people I know just dread the arrival of Monday. But I am the opposite, I think. Monday is a nice, calm start -- unlike most of our weekends! DH goes back to work, DD goes back to school, and the house is almost solely mine again for another few days. I can read my newspaper with breakfast. I can have a quick coffee with my neighbours. I can leisurely check my email and tidy up the chaos from Saturday & Sunday activity. All with out the rush-rush-rush that seems to invade our weekends.

Today I am excited, because my goal for this week is my DT projects for Just Cre8. I have the June kit on my scraptable and I am ready to go! We had a great National Scrapbook Day crop there on Friday, and there are tons of unique and creative ideas that appeared in the gallery. So go take a peek! It's right here! If you want a sneak peek of the June kit, you can check it out this blog...otherwise it will be revealed at Just Cre8 on May 15th. :)

This last week has been pretty exciting for us too. The kids started soccer, and for the first time, I am actually a genuine "team mom"! I love it already. There is nothing in the world as neat as watching your babies strive to learn and grow something new. Especially when you don't have to teach them! Independence is an amazing thing. Here's a pic of DD playing soccer in her first game. (She's in the dark blue jersey.)
It isn't fun, though, dealing with the aftermath of a sensitive seven-year-old girl who has just lost the first game she ever played, especially after she let in 4 goals in her five minutes of goalie time. Her coach is amazing, though, and really puts an important emphasis on working hard and having fun. I think it's going to be a great season.

Another big milestone! DD learned to ride her bike without training wheels!
So, just like her Papa promised, she got to go shopping this weekend for a new two-wheeler, which is a beautiful bike. She is so proud, and all of these steps she has taken in the last few weeks just shine in her face. You can tell her confidence has made a great leap. I love that, because I think it is so important that girls develop confidence and grace.

Well, happy Monday & happy scrapping! I hope you all enjoy your day. :)

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Laura said...

These milestones are many firsts, Amanda. Listen to "The Old Wise One". Brother, just because mine is going to graduate, doesn't make me a guru. I just remember those firsts, and Rachel was my sensitive girl, too. I so know what that was like!