Friday, February 15, 2008

Extreme Makeover -- Day Five!

Well, the room is pretty much complete. We had a little setback, though. Last night two of the ceramic wall ornaments fell off the wall and one broke. It was just the adhesive on the command hooks that came off the wall. But I didn't leave them for an hour, so maybe that was the problem. This morning I reapplied the command hooks to the wall and left them there. I'll hang the ornament back on the wall later and hopefully (fingers crossed!) it will work.

I moved all of Renee's things back into her room too. Her bookshelf, her clothes, her special stuffed animals and keepsakes. I hung her cross back on her wall. And her autographed picture of Kurt Browning...LOL. I added another package of curtain clips and rearranged her fishing net. So everything is ready for her!

When we go to swimming lessons today, we will take a run to Jysk for a replacement fish ornament (thank goodness they were inexpensive!) and another set of seagrass baskets to use as shelves. We'll also stop by Superstore. They had a cool seagrass chest that would make a great laundry hamper!

So here's the plan...we're going to swimming lessons, then supper, then a family swim evening with my mom and dad. Afterward, we'll come back here for cake. Then I am going to send her on a birthday "treasure hunt" and the last clue will say that her gift is in her room. Meanwhile, I'll sneak downstairs into her room so that I can snap a pic when she opens the door. I can hardly wait!!

No pics today -- the room looks close to yesterday's. My next post will be her reaction!!


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