Friday, April 3, 2009

Saskatchewan Scraps!

OK, so I've put off this post for a while but I wanted to blog a little about the fantastic, holy-smokes scrapbooking fun we had a couple of weeks ago!

Canada Crop And Cruise sponsored a land-based scrapbooking weekend in Saskatoon a couple of weeks ago. One of my friends and fellow Just Cre8ive Crew designers, Leica Forrest, organized the whole shebang because she instructs on the cruise.

It was a weekend so full of fun! My best scrapbooking friends -- The Bad Girls -- were there, plus a handful of others I know from Saskatoon and around. Sue Sykes and Lori Mancini FLEW all the way here to spend the weekend with us. A handful of Just Cre8 girls drove or flew to make it to the event. Jackie and Heather were here from Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine. And I met Allison Orthner, Jill Hildebrandt, and a bunch of other ladies that were no neat to meet!

Here's our table -- we had a HUGE table in the center with all the Just Cre8 girls (and then some!) sitting at it. Needless to say, I spent very little time sitting and scrapping at this table. I did mostly talking and visiting...oy!

These are the fabulous shirts that Melissa Buhler designed for us -- I just adore my shirt. It makes me feel uber-cre8ive!

Here's my friend Kate Kading and I. She's one of the most bubbly, friendly people I know.

Here's Sue at the Just Cre8 table. She brought a whole suitcase of kits and Skribblz and stamps for the Saskatoon ladies to enjoy...and I really think they enjoyed them!

Mmmmmm....Skribblz! Gotta love them! And Just Cre8 stamps are just fabulous...if you want some, you can find them here!

Here's a pic of the whole Just Cre8 gang that was there, plus our guests from Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine.

And here's some of the Just Cre8 design team with Jackie, Heather, and Allison.

This lady is one of my loveliest friends...Corinne Braun. We've been scrapbooking together for a long time, and she has a kind, creative, generous heart. This is the girl who is responsible for over 1100 cards sent overseas to the Canadian Troops last year, and is working on more this year. This is the girl who spent her entire SaskScraps weekend making 8x8 layouts for children in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit and the Pediatric Care Unit in Saskatoon hospitals. This is the girl who always is honest, true, and kind -- and she is one of my favorite scrapbookers. Ever!

One of the highlights of my weekend was the layout contest! I won last year, so I chose not to enter this year. But I was SOOOOOOOOO excited when two of my best scrapbooking friends won! For both of them, this is their first publication and I am so happy for them.

Here's Sheryl with Jackie Ludlage!

And Andrea with Jackie too!

One of the most fun things that happened that weekend was a visit from Rambling Dave from C95, our local rock radio station. It started the week before when Dave made a comment about scrapbookers being "glorified sticker collectors." Well, it turned into a big tease-fest all week, and Dave was dared to come learn to scrap with us at the convention. Dawn, trying to change his opinion of us frivolous hobbyists, presented him with a book of his puppy who had to be put down a few weeks before. It worked...he cried! He also formally apologized on the air -- Dawn has the radio clips on her blog here.

And, of course, I had tons of laughs introducing Sue and Lori, my southern-Ontario friends to the joys of small town Saskatchewan. Because we live in the middle of nowhere. Yes, Sue -- this IS a store! ;)

Anyhoo -- lots and lots of fun. Next time, though, we'd like to go on the actual cruise. Fall 2010! Mark your calendars!


Jill Sarginson said...

Oh man, I am SO jealous I didn't go!! Next time!! This looks like SO much fun!! The photos are great Amanda!

Cheryl said...

Great photos Amanda. And I am so with you on that cruise in 2010!

Anonymous said...

Hello Amanda,
It's Ashley. I found your blog. Thanks for helping me out last night, it was great.
I am excited to get back into it and do more scrapbooking.

Amanda said...

Hey Ashlee!

Thanks for coming scrapbooking -- it was fun. I'll let you know so you can join us next time, k? Until then, happy scrapping :)

bAbYbEcKy said...

looks like you had a GREAT time!!!