Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend madness and a challenge

We had a nice, laid back weekend. :) This is, of course, despite the fact that some in our household haven't been feeling well.

I had a scrap night at Just Scrap It on Friday night...and it was so nice to get together with the "Bad Girls". For those of you who don't know, this is what I am talking about:

A Brief, Censored History of
"The Bad Girls"
(at least, as I remember it!)

About 6 years ago, I started scrapping at JSI by myself at their Friday night crops...I didn't know anyone there but it was a nice chance to briefly get away from the hectic life at home. After a couple of trips there, I had the pleasure of sitting with a gal named Corinne, a card-maker extraordinaire who seemed to end up there whenever I did. We became friends and scrapped together sometimes. My mom, who had just started her obsession with scrapbooking, came with me occasionally and I introduced her to Corinne.
I planned to go to a weekend crop there and, as word had it, it sold out in just a few minutes. So Mom and I (and I think Corinne!) ended up camping out one early morning just to get spots at the JSI Weekend. One other person who was waiting there was Dawn...and she was (and is!) a scrapbook "artiste". I had always been intimidated by her, because she had so many great ideas and knew so much about scrapping. As we waited in line, Dawn and I talked...and talked...and talked...and we became friends too.
Since Corinne and Dawn already knew each other, the four of us usually sat together when we scrapped at JSI. Through my kids' gymnastics class (in a very roundabout way, almost by fluke), I met Andrea and she started coming to join us.
When we met at JSI, we scrapped at our favorite table in the corner -- loudly laughing and joking and (dare I say it?) making somewhat bawdy jokes. The JSI staff joked around and said that we were so bad, they had to put us in the corner. And so it stuck, and we started calling ourselves "The Bad Girls"
We have a handful of people who join us to scrap -- some often, some not. Some are badder than others, and we enjoy each others' company so much that I can see we will always be friends.

SO cheers to my friends, the Bad Girls -- you know who you are! ((hugs!))

On another note, you should check out the monthly sketch challenge at Just Cre8...did you know you can win a prize, just by posting up a layout based on one of these sketches? There are twelve sketches to choose from this month, and the contest is always a random draw!

Here is a sketch by Cindy:
And one by Lori:
And one of mine:

There are more sketches here, and all you have to do is upload to the Just Cre8 gallery and post you LO in this thread!

Happy Scrapping!

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